Sitemap - 2022 - Steve’s Newsletter

Ruff’s Short Bench In Devils' Big Win At Pittsburgh A Short-Term Solution

Wilson’s Lack Of Progression With Jets Mirrors Smith’s Tenure, Only Worse

By Focusing On What He Does Well, Simmons Hoping To Use Nets Opportunity To Rewrite Narrative

Familiar Flaw Rearing Its Ugly Head In Devils Slump

Nets Transformation Unleashing Dynamism Few Teams Can Match

Nets Continue To Defy Analytics Logic With Success Through An Irregular Shot Profile

Like Wilson, Saleh Isn’t The Guy To Turbo-Charge Jets Into Sustainable Winners

We’ll Know More About How Much The Nets Have Improved In Next Two Matchups

Jets Will Get Reminder Of “What Could Have Been” With Jacksonville In Town

Slump Shows Devils Light In Heaviness Department

Sunday’s Cringeworthy Loss To Lions Was A Familiar Tale For Same Old Jets

Nets Finally Going In Right Direction With Positionless Basketball

Playoffs Notwithstanding, Jets’ Ability To Maintain Positive Vibes Rests In Own Hands

Inevitable Devils’ Slump Requires Some Tinkering By Ruff

Nets’ Hot Streak Gives Them Leeway To Find Right Deal To Address Stretch Five Need

An Extended Williams/White Loss Would Crash Jets’ Playoff Hopes More Than Loss To Bills

Vaughn Helps Shorthanded Nets Engineer A Shocker In Indy

Jets’ Never-Ending Tackle Tale Features Adversity, Adaptation, and Survival

The Warren Return Is Another Example Of The Special Nature Of KD’s Achilles Recovery

No Longer Second-Best In Second Periods Fueling Devils’ Transformation

Saleh’s Bizarre And Needless Parsing Over Jets QB Decision Undermines Confidence In White

Another Missed Opportunity To Steal Another Game As An Underdog On The Road Could Haunt Jets

Nets Take Cue From Irving’s Early Pace In Pummeling Raptors

White Will Need To Be More Than A Game Manager For Jets To Beat Vikings

Devils Were Due For One Bad Episode After A Long Prosperous Run

Nets’ Defensive Improvement In Run To Inch Over .500 Abetted By Foul Ball

National Pride Aside, Soccer’s Arbitrary Rules Make It Hard To Watch

Needing To Overextend KD To Squeak Past Lowly Teams Doesn’t Bode Well For Nets’ Future Success

In Leading Jets To Easy Win, White Was Everything Wilson Hasn’t Been

Devils Keep Proving Detractors Wrong

Vaughn’s Rosy Glasses Obscuring The Obvious Necessity Of Removing Harris From Nets’ Rotation

Thankful For A Year Of Excitement From Our Favorite NY-Area Teams

Nets’ Embarrassing Loss To Shorthanded Philly Can Be Traced To Effort And Scheme

O’Neale’s Playmaking A Welcome Development For Nets

Playing Like They’re Scared Of Their Own QB Bites Jets In Late Loss To Pats

Relentless Devils Spreading Wealth Around Lineup During 12-Game Win Streak

Pats Showdown Will Prove To Be A Major Test On Whether Wilson Has “It”

Nets’ Aversion To Transparency Playing Right Into Irving’s Hands

Marino Trade Looking Like An All-Time Heist For Devils GM Fitzgerald

Listless Nets’ Inadequacy In Middle Exposed In Loss To Lakers

What Will The Nets Do With Kyrie Irving, Part 26?

Mid-Term Grades Show Areas Where Streaking Jets Can Fly Even Higher After Bye

More Devils Magic Extends Winning Streak To Eight

Second Choice Vaughn Just Might Be Nets’ Best Choice To Save This Season

Devils Hope Vanecek’s Hot Streak Will Prove Sustainable Through Blackwood’s Injury Timeline

Missed Free Throw Shouldn’t Obscure Durant’s Extraordinary Efforts To Keep Nets Ship Afloat Through Troubled Waters

Jets D Makes Statement That They’re For Real In Massive Upset Over Rival Bills

Wood Laying Out Opponents With Speed And Finishing Touches Might Be A Sign That The Devils Can Finally Return To Playoff Contention

In First Game Of Irving’s Suspension, Nets Rediscover Joy In Rout Of Wizards

Jets Wilson Can Help His Abysmal Passing Numbers Under Pressure By Running More

The Nets Gave Kyrie Every Chance To Douse The Flames He Fanned—And He Instead Poured More Fuel

Too Soon To Judge Whether These Devils Are Legit Playoff Contenders Or Another Hot Flash

Though Nash Firing Was Inevitable, Nets' Issues Go Well Beyond Their Coach

Not The Hollywood Ending The Jets Hoped For After Wilson’s Picks Set Up Pats Takeover

Nash Has To Pull Simmons Out Of The Nets’ Starting Lineup

Bastian’s Screen Assists Help Turn The Power Back On For Devils’ Power Play

Jets’ Difficulties In Covering Tight Ends Could Be A Factor In A Tight Game Versus Hated Pats

Doncic Makes His Triple-Double Look Easy In OT Win Over Nets

Like The Yankees/Judge Contract Talks, Devils May Rue Not Extending Bratt When They Had The Chance

Trade For Robinson More Symbolic Than Practical For Jets

Nets Defensive Freelancing Ruins Marquee Matchup With Grizzlies

Good Thing The Jets Kick The Can Game With Kickers Settled On Greg The Leg

Will Rising Bahl Make Graves Expendable To Devils?

Big Shot Royce, Big 3 Claxton, and Baby Steps Simmons Help Lift Nets Over Raptors

Jets Flying High Into Denver With Understanding That Success Can Be Fleeting

Did No One Tell The Nets That The Preseason Was Over?

Devils Cure-All Recipe For First Win: Roasted Ducks

2022-23 Nets Season Preview and Predictions: Relying On The Unreliable

Compliment The Jets’ Complementary Football To Soar Past Green Bay

New Faces Plus New Season Equals Same Old Devils

What To Like/Dislike About Nets’ Preseason

Wilson Finding A Comfort Zone With Intermediate Routes

Three Minutes Of Aggression And Other Takeaways From Nets’ First Preseason Victory

Improved Devils Will Take A Healthy Stride Forward--But Playoffs? Not Yet

Whether You Believe It’s Luck Or Pluck, The Jets Own A Winning Record

Underachieving Johnsson Latest To Fall In Devils’ Accountability Purge

Jets Finally Getting What They Paid For From Safeties

Fortunately, Nash’s Nets Have Time Before Regular Season Opener To Fix Disjointed Mess On Both Ends

Three Observations From First Nets Preseason Game That Deserve More Looks

Wilson’s Fourth Quarter Course Correction Lifts Jets Past Steelers

Preseason Results May Be Meaningless, But It’s Important These Aspects Don’t Suck Devils Down The Tubes Again

Fans Irate Over Jets’ Pass-Heavy Play Calls Should Save Some Vitriol For Inept Running Game

Devils’ Preseason Is About A Race For The (Roster) Bottom

Nets Can Use Boulders On Their Shoulders To Spur A Successful Season, Or It Can Crush Them

Not Even Bengals’ Previous Protection Issues Could Awaken Jets’ Disappointing Pass Rush

Some Nets Nuggets As Offseason Mercifully Comes To An End

Saleh Can’t Take Ball From Flacco If Jets Slay Bengals

Holtz Has Skills To Help Devils Now If His Play Away From Puck Improves In Preseason

Many Nets Questions Will Finally Be Asked Next Week—Unless Team “Knicks-es” Press Conferences

In a Miraculous Role Reversal, Jets Turn Odds Upside Down In Final Two Minutes To Upset Browns

A Little More Creativity In The Jets Offensive Game Plan Could Go A Long Way In Helping Flacco Avoid Another Debacle In Cleveland

Jets Fans Are Keeping Receipts on Saleh Too

Sorry CBS, But The Jets Crash In Opener Was Utterly Foreseeable

Year 2 Of Latest Edition Of Jets’ Neverending Rebuild Set for Takeoff Against Favored Ravens

Predictions For The 2022 Jets: Some Sprinkles Of Achievements to Help Assuage Another Painful Season

Trust The Jets’ Process? Show Us Some Results First

Morris Signing Gets Marks Closer (But Not There Yet) To Properly Balancing Nets

Three Takeaways We Learned From The Jets Preseason

Borough Of Brooklyn Emits Collective Sigh With News Of KD’s Return To The Nets.

No “Effing” Way Does White Deserve A Jets Roster Spot (But He’ll Probably Get One Anyway)

Nets Offseason Of Upheaval Extends To Broadcast Booth With Grady Earning Well-Deserved Career Advancement

With Two Preseason Games Remaining, A Look At A Projected Jets 53-Man Roster

Simmons Has Enough Problems To Overcome, So Maybe The Nets Should Hold Off On Plans To Play Him Out Of Position

The Jets Can’t Have Nice Things Because They Keep Doing Dumb Things

Four Bubble Jets To Watch In Preseason Opener

Hopes Of A KD Return To Nets Dashed In New Report

Boosted Tight End Room Has Potential To Help Turbo-Charge Wilson's Development, Jets Offense

Saleh Is Correct: Flacco Could Absolutely Start For An NFL Team—Namely The Jets

Analysis On Nets Prospective Durant Deals Disrespectful To All-Time Great

Welcome To Jets Training Camp: Where Hope Has Crashed And Burned

‘Under Construction” Sign On Nets Roster Remains With KD and Kyrie Still In Limbo

Three Takeaways From The Nets Summer League Experience

Smith Trade Another Move In Fitzgerald’s Bid To Improve Devils’ Accountability Standards

Devils Pivot To Plan B Palat After Getting Dissed By Johnny Hockey

New Irving/Nets Report Begs The Question: Why Does KD Still Want Out?

Thomas Trying To Alter No-Pass Narrative In Nets Summer League Games

Four Things To Watch In Nets Summer League Games

Despite Uncertainty At Top Of NHL Draft, Devils’ Plan Should Be Simple

Simmons Trade Biting Nets In Offseason Too

Nets GM Has His Marks All Over End Of Superstar Era

From Chicken To Kick-The Can: Nets Risky Games With Stars Not Over

Nets Still Have Time To Clear Irving “Impasse”

On Father’s Day, Cherished Memories of Games Past With My Children

Nets Most Pressing Offseason Questions…And Guesses

“Big Bust” Becton Can Reset Narrative If Only He Can Stay On The Field For Jets

Setting The Record Straight On Atkinson’s Nets Tenure

No Need To Wait For The Contract Verdict: Make Judge The Yankees Captain Now

Reported Staff Turnover A Good First Step Toward Helping Nash Grow As Nets Coach

Jets Hope To Improve League-Worst D By Keeping Best Linemen Off The Field For Half The Snaps

Random Thoughts From COVID-19 Quarantine, Including Harden V Simmons, Saleh V Modern Football, And The Devils V The No. 2 Pick

Marks’ Gauntlet Notwithstanding, Nets Seem Stuck With Irving, For Better Or Worse

Depressed Over Nets Playoff Showing? No Matter, They Wouldn’t Have Matched Up Well With The Bucks Either

Trader Joe May Rue Wasting Jets’ Draft Capital In Moves Up

Douglas Covers Three Bases For Jets In Impressive First-Round Haul

Devils Coach Next Season Shouldn’t Be A Ruff Call

Biggest Offseason Call Might Be What Nets Can Do For Brown

Disappointing Nets Season Defined By Who Wasn’t Playing

Taking Another Crack At A Jets Mock Draft

Poor Marks: Nets GM Failed To Properly Build Around His Stars

Will Embattled Nash Be Back Next Season If He Can’t Get Nets Out Of 0-2 Hole?

Down 2-0, It’s Time For Nets To Remove The Bubble Wrap Around Simmons

Nets Need To Think Bigger Than Relying On A KD Bounceback To Even Series

Devils Get A Glimpse Of What Could Have Been With NHL-Level Goaltending During Five-Game Road Trip

Viewing The Nets’ Heartbreaking Game 1 Loss Through Two Lenses

Nets Playoff Preview: Why 2/7 Is A 50/50 Series

Stars Sharing Ball Set Tone For Nets’ Play-In Victory Over Cavs

A Second Stab At A Jets Mock Draft

Play-In Preview: Former Nets Out For Revenge Plus Another 3 Things That Should Keep Nash Up All Night

Who Needs A Big 3? Brown Growing In Role As Nets’ Third Fiddle

Tanking Season Means It’s Time To See More Devils Prospects

A Not-So-Small Lineup Adjustment To Small Ball Allows Nets To Finish Another Epic Comeback Versus Rival Knicks

After Another Griffin DNP-CD, Are Nets Leaning Toward Elevating Edwards For Playoffs?

After Another Griffin DNP-CD, Are Nets Leaning Toward Elevating Edwards For Playoffs?

A Contrarian’s Take: Coach K Was Overrated

Sadly, Never In Doubt: Devils To Miss Playoffs Again

Structural And Tactical Deficiencies Reared Ugly Head During Nets’ Late-Game Unraveling Vs Bucks

Nash Search For A Nets Player With An Edge Should Land On Griffin

Offseason QB Upheavals Might Help Jets In Quest To Trade Down In Next Month’s Draft

Despite Disappointing Loss In Irving’s Home Debut, Nets Defense Continued Showing Positive Signs

Three Best Options For Jets At No. 10 Overall Pick In Draft

NYC Set To Deliver Irving The Best Birthday Gift He Could Have Wished For

It Won't Count In The 2022 Standings, But The Jets Just Suffered A Devastating Loss

Jack-in-the-Box Devils Pop In Comeback Win Over Rangers

KD Embracing Role Of Shorthanded Nets Spiritual Leader

Three Best Options For Jets At No. 4 Overall Pick In Draft

Off-The-Court Nets News Begs More Questions Than It Answered

Leave It To The Devils To Give A Crash Course On How To Crush A Young Goalie’s Confidence

Yankees, Mets Inclusion In NYC’s Vaccine Mandate Might Prove Helpful In Getting Nets Irving Back On Home Court

A Fine First Free Agency Day For Jets, But a Legit WR1 Remains An Elusive Target

KD’s Brilliance Rescues Nets Again, But He’ll Need Some Help Going Forward Dealing With Increasing Double Teams

Nets Defense Stifled Sixers Stars To Spoil Philly Boo Party

A Practical Jets Free Agency Wish List

Irving’s Spectacular Night Prompts Nets Fans To Wonder, “What If?”

Rules Douglas Should Live By As Jets Approach Offseason Runway

Plenty Of Blame To Go Around As Nets Fall Under .500

Not Even KD’s Return Could Save The Nets From Sinking Closer To Oblivion

Lockout Negotiations Another Reminder That Billionaire MLB Owners Don’t Care About The Game

Nets’ Season-Long Curse Bags Nash Before Yet Another Home Blowout Loss

Mayor Adams: Stop Punishing Nets Fans With Outdated Vaccine Mandate

The Strange Saga That Is Nets’ Season May Be Taking Another New Twist With Simmons Ramp-Up

In Game Of (Franchise) Tag, Nobody’s “It” On Jets

Still Waiting On The Theoretical Nets

Coming Out Of The Olympic Break Means One Thing For Floundering Devils: The Countdown To Trade Deadline Sale Has Begun

If The Jets Don’t Trade Down In First Round….

Will Irving Distraction Give Top Bought-Out Free Agents Pause When Considering Nets?

Nets Limp Into All-Star Break—What Will They Look Like When They Return?

What Just Happened? How The Shorthanded Nets Shocked The Garden

Brown’s All-Around Effort Helps Star-Less Nets Halt Losing Skid

When It Comes To Offseason Priorities, Tis Better That The Jets Find One Who Can Receive

Freefalling Nets Running Out Of Rope With Tough Climb Ahead

The Clock Struck 12 On Nets’ Scary Hours With Harden Trade

Why I Hope The Nets Pass On Simmons For Harden

If Marks Opts To Hold Onto Harden Past Trade Deadline, He’d Better Fix Nets’ Roster Imbalance...Or Else

Fragile Nets Crumbling Without Star Power

Hold Your Horses On Harden Trade Until Sixers Pony Up

Trading Harris Is Only Way Asset-Depleted Nets Can Acquire An Impactful Player Before Deadline To Help Reverse Slide

The Devils At The Break: Where Fans Need One More Than The Team

Can Anyone On The Nets Make A G-D Layup?

Championship Sunday Shows Why Giants Got It Right In Going With Play-Calling Maven Daboll For Head Coach Gig

Pleasant Surprises and Unexpected Disappointments From Devils’ Mediocre First Half

Don't Scapegoat Nash For Depleted Nets’ Slump

If Harden Is Indeed Disenchanted In Brooklyn, Can The Nets Find A Workable Solution?

After Watching Wild Divisional Round, Jets Should Continue Focus On Offense In Upcoming Draft

Devils’ Glaring Lack Of Power Forwards Stifling Rebuild

Sorry, But Inconsistent Refs Weren’t To Blame For Another Poor Defensive Effort By Inconsistent Nets

Millsap Saga Reportedly Heading For Its Inevitable End—Will Griffin Be The Next Nets Vet Out The Door?

Big Night From Nets’ Bigs Fuels Escape In Washington

After Doubling Down On Vaccine Obstinance, Just One Last Shot For Irving To Play Nets Home Games This Season

In Defeat, Edwards Continues To Make Case To Nets He Isn’t Merely Injury Filler

Mostly Solid Grades On Nets Mid-Term Report Card, With Some Weak Links

Hughes Not The Man For Devils 2022 All-Star Representative

Nets Rout Of First-Place Bulls More Of A Template Than A Statement

Douglas Dishonors Super Bowl III Anniversary With Low-Bar Goals For 2022 Jets

With Nash Losing Faith In Nets Veterans, Marks Must Fix Roster Miscalculations

Yet Another Jets Season Blends Into The Last Decade’s Compilation Of Excrement

Nash Has Some Explaining To Do After Fourth Nets Loss In Five Games

Offseason Berrios Negotiations Will Prove Telling About Jets So-Called Culture Change

In Irving’s Debut, Nets Resuscitated By New Death Lineup In Victory Over Tired and Depleted Pacers

Just When It Looked Like The Devils Found Their Mojo, Lady Luck Had Other Ideas

Three-Game Skid Shows How Nets Best Defense Must Come From Their Best Offensive Players

Here’s Why Jets Fans Can Take Solace Despite Another Agonizing Defeat