Stars won't want to come until Marks is fired! Why? Because his small-ball philosophy won't yield any championships.

Durant played small-ball 5.

Bruce Brown played Power-Forward.

Claxton is still playing Center.

All our players have to punch up in weight class. The homework assignment was simple: address rebounding. By your standard, Steve, all he did was sign Noah Clowney. That won't cut it.

I hope guys like Simmons and Thomas excel. I expect this team to lose more than they win.

Hope I'm wrong

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I too like what the Nets have done this summer and it will be fun and interesting to see where they are mid season. The big question is JV the coach that can lead this unit into a cohesive competitive team. I have my doubts and wonder if you have any coaching suggestions if they move on from him and if you think they should.

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