I totally agree. Saleh is a defensive coordinator, not a head coach. He has completely ignored the offense and has offered zero solutions. Instead, he's made excuses for his undisciplined, underachieving, unaccountable players. We need a head coach, with head coaching experience that can manage all aspects of the team.

Regarding Joe Douglas, he had one great draft and three bust drafts. His free agent signings, with the exception of undrafted free agents, has been a serious of disasters. Further, he allowed one player, Aaron Rodgers, to dictate personal and coaching decisions which have all turned out to be extremely detrimental to the organization. Randell Cobb maybe the worst WR in football and hasn't suited up for a game in 5 weeks. As such, he have gotten zero production from the slot position. Stone hands Alan Lazard is robbing us of $11m per year to drop balls and commit drive killing penalties. Tim Boyd is the only QB in the NFL worse than Zach Wilson. Lastly, Nathaniel Hackett is without question the worst play caller in the NFL. That bastard should've been fired weeks ago, but because he's Aaron Rodgers buddy, and Joe Douglas is afraid of upsetting Rodgers, he has job security. WTF!

In 2 years, I've watched Detroit and Jacksonville go from one of the worst teams in the league to division championships. This year, I've watch Minnesota, Cleveland, and Indianapolis compete for playoff positions with backup QBs and their primary offensive weapons missing significant portions of the season. Meanwhile, the Jets are in the middle of a mid-season meltdown for the second consecutive season.

Enough! This management and coaching staff squandered their opportunity. It's time to clean house.

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