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Not the ending I expected or wanted, however, a new commitment, hopefully to winning, has been made and we're moving forward with Sean Marks' master plan.

Perhaps the theme for this season should be "No Bulls--t, a Redemption Story". I'll take Meyers Leonard on a recompense season. He can space the floor for Ben at the 4. Myles Turner may get dealt to the Lakers now. Can we secure Daniel Theis from the Pacers? Perhaps send them a 2nd and it's a deal.

Hassan Whiteside doesn't scream winning player, however, Steve Nash can utilize those coordinator skills to help him focus upon winning. What about Markieff Morris? Not a bad option considering he's probably as stiff as Blake Griffin on defense.

Montrezl Harrell ain't a Center, however, he's a very physical Power-Forward. I'll take him. Jabari Parker is another option at Power-Forward.

And Kemba Walker on a deal would be the icing on the cake. Can't wait to unleash him against those rotten knix

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